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  •               Welcome

    Our Pastor, Fr. Mario J. Arroyo

    I am Fr. Mario Arroyo, the Pastor of
    St. Cyril of Alexandria in West Houston.
    I invite you to join us for any and all parish gatherings, but especially the Eucharist.  If you choose to do so, the very first thing I want to communicate
    is simple: Relax. Even if you've never been in a Catholic church, or for that matter any church before, you'll have
    no worries about being singled out.
    We want you to be able to experience
    a Mass with uplifting music, practical homilies, and an enjoyable atmosphere. What you learn on the weekend about being a disciple of Jesus, you will be able to use during the week.

    Wear what's comfortable, we are more concerned with helping you deal with real life than with what you wear.
    So, dress casually and you'll fit right in. Also, the offering at St. Cyril's is for those who are a regular part of the community. Instead of wanting you to give something, we want you to get something!

    If you are new around these parts, or if it's been a long time since you've been to church, St. Cyril's has you in mind! There's already enough you have to think about when you're visiting a church for the first time.

    Since we have six Masses a weekend, and since they are all very different, you might want to check out the Mass schedule, which also gives you a brief description of the ambiance, musical style and language of each service.
    You will find these descriptions here:

    "Sunday Mass Times & Which One To Attend"

    We hope that getting some of this stuff out of the way not only encourages you to join us for church, but also helps
    you to connect with the hope and encouragement that God has for you.

    Fr. Mario Arroyo

    Click to Connect Fr. Mario

    Twitter:  twitter.com/marioarroyo
    Facebook:  facebook.com/fathermario

    On The Radio:
    Sunday Night's Show of Faith
  • Considering the Catholic Church?

    Are you interested in Becoming Catholic?
    Do you know someone who Is?

    Click here to read more about the process and how to get started.
  • Moving Forward Keeping Still

    • October 18
      All Saints Day
      All Souls Day
      It is time for Christians to reclaim the meaning of the three day celebration, the "triduum," of Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls.We invite all families to join us in reclaiming our Christian traditions in this year?s celebration of the Hallowmas Triduum.
      See Mass schedule here.
    • October 11
      We Are All In This Together
      So, on Saturday, Nov. 1, after the 4:30 Mass, we want to have a "Parish Pot Luck" on steroids.
    • October 11
      En Esto, Estamos Todos Juntos. Por eso el Sábado 1 de Nov., a las 5:30 pm vamos a tener Una Celebración Parroquial Comiendo Juntos
    • October 9
      Is Gay OK?
      The Catholic Church and the Homosexual
      with Fr. Mario Arroyo
      All adults are invited to join us in the Parish Hall, Rm 127, from 7 to 9 pm.
    • August 1
      Why are we called to support the Diocesan Services Fund? Listen to the Cardinal's message and see how we are call to help fulfill Christ’s mission here on earth.
    • February 25
      Consider the benefits of automating your contributions to St. Cyril. Learn More....
    • February 3
      - Rejoice Family Apostolate
      Individual, marriage, and family counseling services are available for parishioners through our collaboration with Rejoice Family Apostolate.
      Click here for information on Catholic counseling.