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Hallowmas-Triduum of The Saints


All Saints Day is a Holy Day of Obligation. Our Mass Schedule for The Triduum of the Saints will be as follows:
Friday, October 31:
Halloween, Vigil of All Saints
7:00 p.m. (Bilingual)

Saturday, November 1
All Saints Day:
10:30 a.m (Bilingual)

Sunday, November 2:
All Souls’ Day:
Saturday: 4:30 pm Vigil Mass
Sunday: Regular Mass Schedule

Día Santo de Obligación jueves, 1 de nov. observando el Día de Todos los Santos (Difuntos)

Viernes, 31 de octubre:
Vigilia - Día de Todos los Santos
7:00 p.m. (Bilingüe)

Sabado, 1 de noviembre:
Día de Todos los Santos

10:30 a.m. (Bilingüe)
Domingo, 2 de noviembre:
Día de los Santos Difuntos:
Saturday: 4:30 pm Vigil Mass
Sunday: Regular Mass Schedule
Hallowmas: The Triduum Of The Saints
 by Fr. Mario Arroyo
Every year, a debate rages among Catholics and other Christians: Should children dress up during Halloween? Lost in the debate is the history of Halloween, which, far from being a pagan religious event, is actually a Christian celebration that’s almost 1,300 years old.
“Halloween” is a name that means nothing by itself. It is a contraction of “All Hallows Eve,” and it designates the vigil of All Hallows Day, more commonly known today as All Saints Day. (“Hallow,” as a noun, is an old English word for saint. As a verb, it means to make something holy or to honor it as holy.) All Saints Day, both the feast and the vigil have been celebrated since the early eighth century, when they were instituted by Pope Gregory III.
The carving of pumpkins and going from house to house, collecting treats, as carolers do at Christmas are all part of the ways the feast has been celebrated throughout history. The scary aspects of Halloween—ghosts and monsters—actually have their roots in Christian belief. Medieval Christians believed that at certain times of the year (Christmas is another), the veil separating earth from purgatory, heaven, and even hell becomes more thin, and the souls in purgatory (ghosts) and monsters can be more readily seen. Thus the tradition of Halloween costumes owes much to a Christian belief.
By the 20th century, Halloween, like Christmas, had become highly commercialized. Pre-made costumes, decorations, and special candy all had become widely available, and the Christian origins of the holiday had been overshadowed. The rise of horror films, and some of the more crazed elements of our society had created a a dark mythology that have tried to take over the Christian meaning of Halloween.
  It is time for Christians to reclaim the meaning of the three day celebration, the "triduum," of Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls.
At St. Cyril of Alexandria we will begin to do this on
October 31, Halloween night, when all children, and the young at heart,
are invited to come to the All Saints vigil Mass at 7:00 pm
All are invited to come dressed as Saints, Superheroes, and other good characters (the helpers of the Saints.)  At the end of the Mass all children will be asked to join the Saints in pushing back the darkness (all the way to the parish hall).  There ghouls will be imprisoned and a great All Saint celebration will be held.
After the first celebration of all Saints, on Halloween, the main All Saints liturgy
on November 1 will further emphasize the role of the Saints in reflecting the
light of Christ unto the world, and its further expansion to all human beings
on November 2nd, the Feast of All Souls.
We invite all families to join us in reclaiming our Christian traditions in this
year’s celebration of the Hallowmas Triduum.
Listen to Fr. Mario's message from last year - 2012


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