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  •       funerals at St. Cyril

    • September 6
      Fredy Marino Gonzalez
      The Funeral for Fredy Marino Gonzalez was celebrated
      by Fr. Mario Arroyo
      Wed., Sept. 9
      At 2:00 PM
      Spanish - Español
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    • September 4
      Virginia Carrillo
      The Funeral for Virginia Carrillo was celebrated
      by Fr. Mario Arroyo
      Friday, Sept. 4
      At 1:00 PM
      Bilingual- Bilingüe
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    • September 3
      Ana Margarita Macotto
      The Funeral for Ana Margarita Macotto was celebrated
      by Fr. Mario Arroyo
      Thursday, Sept. 3
      At 11:30 AM
      Spanish - Español
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    • September 1
      William Roland White Jr.
      The Funeral for Roland White Jr. was celebrated
      by Fr. Mario Arroyo
      Tuesday, Sept. 1
      At 11:30 AM

      LiveStreamed on Facebook - Video Link in details
      Click for details
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